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Regional MVPs
MAGGIE McFLY Maggie McFly, a rescued Jack Russell Terrier, has been racing since 2008. She represents the Woofers as the mighty, fun loving, string cheese eating, height dog. She has traveled & competed in the 3 states Region 19 consists of (plus a few more) and earned her Iron Dog & Onyx early in 2017. Her joy for the sport is evident and she became a demo favorite – showing off flyball at local schools, 4H demos, Meeker Sheepdog Championships, Cabellas, Strang Ranch Herding Championships, Scottish Fest games even the local news! People watch her barking, how she can't wait to run, and they want their dogs to experience the excitement she displays. She continues racing & helping the growth of flyball in Western Colorado.
When Aly first adopted Clem, she was terrified of everything and flyball helped her find her confidence. She's known in the Region for barking sass all the way down the lane. She will run in any position and has assisted in the training of dozens of new flyball dogs on the fine art of passing. Shortly after CanAm 2015, Clementine came up lame in her left rear leg. X-rays showed osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and the decision was made to amputate her leg. With a tournament just six weeks away the club was scrambling to find a replacement - assuming her flyball career was over. The surgeon had no doubt she would be back in the lanes and to everyone's surprise (including her owner's), she was able to run in that tournament - and only a half second slower than she had run 7 weeks prior at CanAm, and with no errors! Aly and Clem are two regular faces in Region 19 and Clem's enthusiasm is loved by all the meet her! She is currently enjoying partial retirement and still competing (very lightly) in flyball, agility and nosework. I is my honor and privilege to nominate Clementine as Region 19's MVP!
Launch Flyball is pleased to nominate Maggie for Region 19 2015 MVP. Maggie, the destroyer of pinatas and height dog extraordinaire, began representing the region on September 4, 2005, and achieved Iron Dog status on Dec 13, 2014. Still active, she has to date accumulated 19 titles and 80,851 points racing in 11 states on more than 200 tournament days. These achievements are rare for any dog, especially for a Boston Terrier, but her heart, easy-going manner, and competitive spirit truly capture what flyball can be for any dog. Fearless in every competition, she became the #1 Boston Terrier in NAFA on April 30th, 2011, a position she holds to this day. Maggie has well-represented Region 19 over the past decade and, with great regard to all the wonderful dogs and handlers she has raced with, we feel she is very deserving of MVP recognition.
Trinket is a 10.5 year old Papillon with big dog attitude! This little girl loves flyball and can trash talk with the best when she is ready to run. Trinket was formerly a therapy dog but found it a bit boring for her fast paced life. She is "Little Miss Reliable" and runs her heart out for the team. Trinket was diagnosed with Addison's Disease in April 2007 (less than a year after her first tournament), but continues to amaze everyone by still actively competing in flyball over seven years later. Trinket was the first Papillon in Region 19 to hit 40K and next tournament she'll get her Iron Dog. She is also currently the #5 NAFA ranked Papillon!

Willow is the Postal Service of Flyball in Region 19. Come rain, snow, sleet or hail, she will find a way to play the game. When she first started playing Flyball, she was so enthusiastic she would rerun herself. Now, she can run anywhere, anytime, on any team by any handler! She is a reliable height dog, and at the age of 12 years old and only 12" tall, she can still run 5.6 seconds. Anyone that knows Willow outside of the lanes knows she is a sweet, timid, submissive dog (not a typical JRT), but you wouldn't know that by watching her lunge and bark in the ring. She's a point and shoot dog...just hold tight until it's her turn to run. She has run on MANY teams and has traveled to multiple regions, helping them earn points and win divisions, as their sole height dog. Willow has run on 60 different teams with 5 different clubs within the region. Willow is the highest pointed dog in Denver Speed Demons with over 60,000 points, which is a huge accomplishment for such a little dog and a testament to her dedication. She gives 110% for the love of the sport.
Mickey was the first Wyoming flyball dog in Region 19 and is the highest scoring dog from Wyoming. Without Mickey, there would no organized flyball in Wyoming. AKA "the world's tallest border collie", he is a mix of Border Collie and Borzoi, making him large and striking in appearance. He is a joy for spectators to watch and is known by flyballers all across the country. Along with his cheerful personality, his desire for attention and his absolute love of flyball make him a wonderful ambassador for Region 19 and for NAFA flyball. Mickey received his Onyx in late 2008 and just passed the 30,000 point mark. Mickey can rightly be considered Region 19's own boy, because with such a small club as HITWG, we have called upon individuals from nearly every club in the region to run Mickey at one time or another. On the rare occasion he has been released while already holding a ball, his antics at deciding between two tennis balls at the box are highly entertaining. Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!
Daisy Mae is a spunky miniature schnauzer that lets everyone know when it is her turn to race. Daisy Mae started racing in 2005. Although Daisy Mae was not sure about flyball at first, she decided the sport was for her. Over the years, Daisy Mae has helped train many of the RUFF dogs. She can run in any spot and pass any dog. Daisy cheers her dog teammates on while waiting for her turn and scolds them if they crowd the lane. The little gray dog wins the hearts of audiences everywhere she goes and you will hear them cheering “ Go Daisy Go”




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